Engineers How many shots does a Rail Gun need from Feedback Cascade?

Еxcuse me
How many shots from the Rail Gun with Feedback Cascade are needed to completely interrupt the Shield Cell Banks (SCB) classes 5a and 8a ?
And what class should have Rail Gun ?
Maybe there is a table with such data?
I remember I read a post with info you want in the forum, but I didn't save the link. The most effective build is two Class 2 rail gun in my memory. Maybe find it yourself.
It's been tested before, repeatedly, but links to specific tests, even my own, escape me at the moment.

Anyway, the maximum effect feedback cascade can have is 90%; you never completely interrupt an SCB charge.

An 8A SCB charge requires something in the ballpark of five c1 feedback rail hits or three c2 rail hits to reach near maximum effect. Im less sure of an A5, but two c2 or three c1 hits should do it.
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