How to Allow Players to Easily Make Their own Theme Sets!

I had an idea: what if in the game, the vanilla wall set (along with vanilla stalls both generic and brand name, assuming generic ones will be included in the final game) can be retextured instantly? Imagine making an image for a wall texture, then lining up your wall texture with a standard, full height vanilla wall. Then use a second texture and line it up for the vanilla trim. Then the texture can be applied to all the vanilla walls available and the player could save the entire scenery set as a new theme set. So I could upload a music themed wall texture, and then save it as a themed set that I can now use in any of my parks. It's a quick and easy way to allow players to make themed sets that don't require odd wall shapes or new scenery elements. This is not to say that the game should not include a vast array of themed sets (far more than RCT3), but it is a way to ensure that players who do not model CS can make their own themed walls, floors and roofs.

Let me know your thoughts about this idea.
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