How to make colored glass


did anyone knows how it is possible to create red, green and blue colored glass?

what textures be needed and what kind of Color should that have.

I try to create a animated ghost which fly around in a circle with waving transparent Cotton.

can you Show exampletextures?
Hello again.
I can't figures out how to create a grey glasswall.
Is there nobody which could tell me what to do?
What I have done?
I created a 16x16px texture with a grey and a black map. Named CDoor_OP_BC.
And a Second with a grey and a white map named CDoor_OP_OP.

But its not like glass. Its still a white face.

Thanks to the people which could teach me at this.
A texture of the color you want (# FF0000 for red) that you name Name_AL_BC in png format

A gray texture 50% (between white and black) that you name Nom_AL_AL

In your 3D software names the texture Name_AL

You can test different percentage of the gray texture (25%, 50%, 75% ...)

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