How to report new Guardian Ruins

Question: do they show up on the galaxy map under the Civilizations (Guardian) filter? And congrats
System is DROKOE FU-O B39-0 C7
My Fleet Carrier is close by if you need anything stop in no charge
I just wanted to get these put on a found list
System and planets now tagged and mapped thanks to Fleet Carrier cartographics
There should be alot out there, there is 4 confirmed in the NGC 3199 Nebula just beside this, and from gamma velorum back to there they point to the permit locked region of NGC 3603 however been ignored over a year maybe due to distance
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That's a find, congrats!
By the way - do biological and Guardian signals information appear from fss level right away or after refined or dss scan?
Interesting. And I thought there wasn't anything Guardian related left to discover.
Id say there is tons more to discover however it has gone pretty stale much like the Thargoids due to story arc progression after your first 10 or so of seeing the same thing why go so far out to find something you can visit 200ly away instead, much like human planetary bases unfortunately its all to copy and paste at this stage
That's quite a find, grats! Exactly what I needed to plan a short new exploring endeavor! Been at the bubble for a couple of weeks and miss the solitude of exploring..
I will move my carrier back to DROKOE FU-O B39-0 tonight.
If anyone wants to explore and sell their data
I still finding undiscovered systems with clouds in them
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