How To: Reset Your Career!

Finally! After searching I found the answer. Since the game has no "Reset Career" button, we have to do things the slightly hard way. But this came in handy for me since I am returning to the game after playing it years ago.

This should get a sticky.

Here we go!!!

Step 1: Turn off Steam Cloud Saves. Steam -> Settings -> Cloud -> Uncheck "Enable Steam Cloud Sync..."

Step 2: Navigate to <drive>:\<user dir>\Saved Games\Frontier Developments\Planet Coaster

For me this was C:\Users\ComputerName\Saved Games\Frontier Developments\Planet Coaster

If you wish to have a backup of this folder before continuing - now is the time to make a backup!

Step 3: Delete everything in the folder that has the long number. I believe that is your steam64ID. That folder will contain your saves and config.

Step 4: Start the Game. A fresh avatar screen setup should appear. Set up your avatar and navigate to career to confirm it has reset.

Step 5: Exit the game.

Step 6: Turn on Steam Cloud Saves again.

ENJOY a fresh career!


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Planet Coaster’s Campaign progress is saved in a file in this folder:
"%userprofile%\Saved Games\Frontier Developments\Planet Coaster\12345678901234567\Saves\uniqsave_player-"

Replace the number with your own Steam ID.

Renaming or deleting this folder will cause the game to generate a new folder, thereby resetting your campaign progress and resetting your avatar.

I’ve been posting this guideline a few times already over the past years.

Have fun with Planet Coaster! :)
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