General Gameplay How would you feel if the current game Tornados could drain the health of the dinosaurs?

Tornadoes in this game are currently destructive towards buildings and fences, where the worst case scenario is when it breaks the fence of really dangerous dinosaur species that would use this time to escape and attack guests. However, this form of destruction loses the unstoppable-force feel when you could see where the tornado is going and delete any fences they destroy to immediately place in a fresh fence.

I think the one flaw of this storm is that it caters more to dinosaur escapes than park destruction. Dinosaurs do have plenty of reasons to escape, such as discomfort from lack of needs, an open gate, and the current small and heavy storms. And when dinosaurs escape, it is easier to tranquilize them now and return them to their exhibits, thanks to the new rangers having the option to tranquilize dinosaurs. And even if the dinosaurs kill guests, the financial setback is a bit insignificant to notice. So why not harm the dinosaurs instead?

The game is mostly about sustaining a healthy variety of dinosaurs to satisfy our guests. Escaped dinosaurs could be recaptured and moved back to their enclosures if players are fast enough, and the guest account would recover relatively fast with little costs from the player besides a broken fence and a few lawsuits if guests end up getting killed. So why not have the dinosaurs get harmed? I often see the dinosaurs as the more expensive assets in my parks, and their care is primary compared to the guests, with investments such as genetic modifications, paleobotany setup, enclosure space, and dinosaur count made for our dinosaurs.

So tornados could harm the dinosaurs in this scenario, they won’t one hit kill all kinds of dinosaurs, but would cause a notable amount of damage if they go over our exhibits besides a broken fence or two. If a dinosaur is of a particular size, they would lose their healthy gradually if they are within the tornado. Not enough to kill them if they are temporarily underneath them, but would be more catastrophic if they are in the tornado for a long period of time.

Certain dinosaurs of really small sizes and expenses, like the struthiomimus, homalocephale, and compsognathus, would die near instantly as their small size could handle so much from a tornado attack, plus the cheap prices of these dinosaurs give them a niche of a disposable asset, not much is lost from their deaths as the player could easily incubate more of these dinosaurs. Larger dinosaurs would have a more gradual drain of health as to not outright kill them. This is mainly as these dinosaurs are often way too expensive to be one shot killed by a tornado that is frequent in certain setting, so this would most likely do just enough damage for them to recover from if taken care of afterwards, but could change the tides of battle if said large dinosaurs gets into combat to an opponent that would otherwise have the disadvantage.

I made a conceptual list of how dangerous this tornado would be to certain dinosaurs:


How it works:
The tornado has a radius when breaking fences and buildings, within that same radius, any dinosaur that gets inside would loose health. Each dinosaur would have a different rate when inside the ring. Most will survive, but it is safe to say that prolong stay in the ring would be fatal to the dinosaurs. And some dinosaurs are unfortunately too small to survive a direct tornado attack.

When inside the radius, the health would diminish, and if it reaches zero, the dinosaur would be ragdolled to the ground similar to being tranquilized, and would be considered dead. "Death by storm".

Very Fast (One-shot kills):
These dinosaurs, due to their small sizes would not be able to survive a tornado attack if they get into its ring. These dinosaurs are often small and very defenseless, but their deaths could be easily replaced due to their often cheap cost of incubations.

• Struthiomimus
• Archaeornithomimus
• Gallimimus
• Dryosaurus
• Homalocephale
• Troodon
• Proceratosaurus
• Dracorex
• Compsognathus

Fast health drain:
These dinosaurs are more durable in a tornado attack, but it would still be fatal for them if they are in the ring for a period of time. They could be fast enough to run away, but if they stay in the ring for too long, then they would get killed for sure.

• Stygymoloch
• Pachycephalosaurus
• Velociraptor
• Herrerasaurus
• Dilophosaurus
• Deinonychus
• Muttaburasaurus

Moderate health drain:
These dinosaurs are bulkier than their other counterparts, and would more likely survive a tornado attack. However, their health will diminish greatly and would need restoration asap so as to not die from predation.

• Hadrosaurs
• Iguonodontids
• Ceratopsids
• Metriacanthosaurus
• Spinoraptor
• Stegosaurids - except stegosaurus.

Slow health drain:
These dinosaurs are very durable due to their natural defenses and size., and would be able to survive a tornado attack more often, and could even recover if left on their own. However, their tendancies to fight and kill guests would make them a threat to take not of after a tornado attack.

• All remaining carnivores - except for the giant carnivores.
• Ankylosaurids
• Nodosaurids
• Stegosaurus
• Nigersaurus
• Stegoceratops

Slowest health drain:
These dinosaurs have the slowest health drain of them all. However, due to their large size, they will still take in damage if left in the tornado for a long time. Carnivores are more nimble and would escape a tornado attack with little damage done, sauropods also have the chance to survive, but the tornado should not be on them for too long as their slow speed won't save them in this situation.

• Tyrannosaurus Rex
• Spinosaurus
• Giganotosaurus

• Indominus Rex
• All sauropods - except for nigersaurus
• Ankylodocus


Hypothetical Scenario:
In your park, you have multiple paddocks. And you have these dinosaurs:

Paddock A - Moderate size
• 12 struthiomimus
• 4

Paddock B - a moderately small size
• 5 velociraptors
• 3 Ankylosaurs

Paddock C - Moderate size
• 2 Carnotaurus

Paddock D - Large size
• 3 Brachiosaurus
• 6 Parasaurolophus
• 8 Compsognathus

Paddock E - Moderate size
• 1 Indominus Rex

A Tornado attack has occured, and it has went to Paddock A, B, and D. before disappearing. This is the outcome.

Paddock A - Moderate size
• 4 struthiomimus - 8 died from the attack
• 4 Triceratops - 1 mortally wounded but escaped the ring (20% health)

Paddock B - a moderately small size
• 3 velociraptors - 2 died - 2 moderately wounded (50% health)
• 3 Ankylosaurs - 1 slightly wounded (77% health)

Paddock C - Moderate size
• 2 Carnotaurus

Paddock D - Large size
• 3 Brachiosaurus - slightly wounded (85% health)
• 6 Parasaurolophus - 3 mortally wounded (40% health)
• 2 Compsognathus - 6 died

Paddock E - Moderate size
• 1 Indominus Rex

From this attack, you lost about 16 dinosaurs, 8 struthiomimus, 6 compsognathus, and 2 velociraptors. With a loss of at least $1,328,000 to reincubate them back in their base form. Your other dinosaurs are wounded, but thankfully will live to see another day.


At least with this tornado mechanic, there will be a greater sense of danger from the storm. And it will test players and see how they could rebound from this attack. Now players not only have to worry about escapees, but also dinosaur health and missing members. At least this is an idea I had, sorry if it took to long to write it down. I wish to hear what you guys think.


Update May 13th:
Looking back in the modes of play, this destructive tornado should be an option only in challenge mode and sandbox mode. Campaign mode is heavily focused on missions in which certain dinosaurs are meant to be alive, and a tornado attack that would kill mission dinosaurs would make those missions almost unplayable.

So we could have it as an option in challenge mode when setting up our map. So players who would like the easier default jurassic mode won't feel like they lost their opportunity. Sandbox mode would then be a selectable option in the sandbox settings as with any other sandbox gameplay.
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I would love it if the small dinosaurs could fly, and I think it could even be possible. Recently with the tyrannosaurus kill to the velociraptor, the velociraptor was sent flying from the kill, and it was even funnier to see that raptor fly over the fence! It would be cool to see a tornado attack, and not just buildings but injured and/or dead dinosaurs. Imagine a gallimimus body found in the shopping district. It would be both disheartening and cool! 🌪
Looking back in terms of gameplay, I think this should not be a thing in the main campaign modes. There are a handful of keeping dinosaurs alive in missions in the main campaign, and one such mission where you have to keep the dinosaurs healthy and a tornado comes in. It will suck for sure and be unfair if said dinosaurs died from the tornado. So this may be a feature exclusive to campaign and challenge mode.

This will then be a toggleable option. That the tornado is going to be destructive in challenge mode if players says yes when choosing their challenge mode. In sandbox, it will be a sandbox option altogether.
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