HTC Vive resolution and  focus

Zac Antonaci

Head of Communications
Hi everyone,

We’ve had a number of people mentioning that their experience in the HTC Vive is not as sharp or contains resolution/focus issues which are specific to aliasing.

We wanted to post up a quick update on our progress relating to these issues and keep you informed.

We’re implementing a fix shortly which will improve the quality of focus on the UI which we hope will significantly improve the readability. We are continuing to work on additional anti-aliasing techniques and hope to be able to share more news on these improvements soon.

We understand the frustration that this can cause and we truly appreciate your patience while we continue to work on additional fixes.


Good news. I know I'm not alone in awaiting this and subsequent fixes for the Vive. Good to hear some official news on teh matter.
Finally! Some acknowledgment and confirmation there is a fix on the way. That took quite a while. Hopefully it won't have to wait for other patches and such and can be implemented in between other updates!

Also, does this address the resolution issue too or just readability?
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Thanks for the up date. In the meantime I'm doing fine just with a little lean back, recenter and carry on.
Thank God. My Vive arrived a couple of days ago. Elite was the main reason. Pretty unplayable at the moment!
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Hey Zac. Managing Editor for GameRevolution here.

I really appreciate this timely response and the effort the programmers have put into this. I know that the team has a lot going on with big updates in the pipeline and I'm sure a huge list of bugs to fix as a result of beta testing.

I'll post a news article on our site regarding the release of the update when it arrives since we have a lot of HTC Vive owners who read our content.

Thanks for the info. I'm really curious about what the cause was, so please put out some technical info about this.

Since you relied of the community to test and figure out the problem, it would be only fair to share a bit how this kind of stuff happens :)

The more we know and understand how such VR bugs happen the better we can give feedback to your and other VR games. Cheers.
Is the fix adding the missing mipmaps that were apparently noticed on the reddit thread?

EDIT: And what does 'focus' mean in the OP? Optical focus is beyond your control. Do you mean texture clarity?

EDIT2: Oh, does this mean IPD was being applied incorrectly?
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Granted this is the wrong thead, but the intent is within scope. I was one of those Day after pre-orders for the Oculus Rift. Luckily, Phoenix AZ was one of the states with one of 48 stores that actually had them for sale today. While I was at home working, I sent my son and nephew to best buy 4 hours before they opened. It was like a Black Friday sale. There were a couple of people that camped there over night, one that got there at 6 am. My son arrived at 630.

This was classified as a "very limited supply". They weren't kidding. They had 5 units. So, now I am the "potentially" proud owner of a Oculus Rift. I will have to dust off the Warthog and Saitek pedals sometime this next week to see how it feels. Am stuck in the middle of nowhere land but at least I can see how the graphics looks. I haven't played since before CQC was in beta, so it will be almost like a new start.

I look forward to providing my biased, unprofessional opinion here next week.
Awesome! I've been holding off playing Elite on my Vive after trying it once with it. Can't wait to get back into it in VR!
The UI change is trying to make it in for 2. 1 yes. The other is still being investigated and so we don't have any time frames on any changes just yet.
Understood and thank you to the team for putting it on the list of things to do.

I suppose I'll keep 1.5x supersampling until the AA solution can be found. pretty hard on my system, but I don't really have a choice for now.
Great news, and glad that it's been acknowledged. I get the impression with Frontier that they don't seem to do much acknowledgement until they know they can fix it, rather than saying they are working on it but having to redact it later.

I'm still of the opinion that the quality from my Vive is serviceable and I can carry on playing, whereas the description of "unusable" by some peeps I'm not finding. I would concur a DK2 currently looks better for those that have used VR before than a new Vive, but regardless I'm glad something is in the works.
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