Dinosaurs General Gameplay Hunting Success Rate

After seeing the hunting mechanics for the Rex against the raptor and small carnivores against the compy I had an idea for a revised hunting mechanic. The idea isn't entirely new as it was in JPOG. Where a carnivore would chase a herbivore (hunting) and depending on the size of the herbivore it would go down in one hit of several. Now in JPOG there were times when the herbivore would get away those moments would happen if the carnivore had become fatigued during the chase. I was thinking something similar for JWE.

In evolution there are scripted hunting animations that play out under certain circumstances. Now within those animations should be a percent chance a hunt will be successful. For example a rex lines up for the hunting animations on a small or medium herbivore. The animation would start off the same but this time the herbivore would notice the rex coming a lot sooner. This prompts the herbivore to run and the rex to start the chase. It takes a few nips at the herbivore before the herbivore outmaneuvers it completely and runs off leaving the rex to roar out in frustration.

You could do a similar one for small carnivores too. Example the raptors. If it's hunting a small herbivore like a gallimimus then the raptor would assume it's normal stance animation before it pounces. This time however the raptor is too eager to get it's prey and it takes an audible step alerting the gallimimus to it's position. The gallimimus runs and the raptor gives chase. The raptor leaps and the gallimimus flanks to the right of left leaving it to hit the dirt and the gallimimus gets away. This could work for all sma!l carnivore and for troodon against homacephale.

The next type of hunting mechanic I want to go over is the heavily requested pack hunting and the various scenarios and situations it can occur. Also with a percent chance of failing. I just feel like if the carnivores could fail in their hunts then it would help in the immersion of the AI the dinosaurs should be giving off.
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