Hutton's Dusty Bento Balls Convoy - 8th June

Please, stop calling Harry Potter and Co "pirates". They are pure gankers and murderhobos. No roleplay here and it's never been. They do not need your in-game balls. They need your IRL salt. :)
I'm amazed that you seemingly do not know who are these people...
Yum tastes like salt to me bois.
AEDC was in a half-wing, which likely made the outcome of our engagements rather predictable, especially since at least some of the pirates we have some history with and made a beeline for me upon noticing me in the system ;)

So, thanks to SDC, Code, Captain Pelley, Rock2K and other assorted well-known CMDRs on the "other side": you gave us some nice PvP practice, and hopefully next time we dont have last minute family emergencies that reduced the wing, so we can be more than just kamikaze pilots. Alliance Banzaiiii!!!:LOL:

And hopefully at least some haulers made it from star-to-station in Geawen due to us keeping some folks busy for a bit... :ROFLMAO:
So when the results? Many people in the ps4 crowd wanna now. They want prices shiny gold arhhh.. Also one of my friends company working with Frontier on a companion app. His question is : What besides map, trade & chat remote you wanna see in app? Maybe some shortcut buttons.. Logs?
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