Hybrids math

Let's say Frontier goes crazy and decides to make the Great Hybrids DLC...how many animals is that?

The game has 59 species...but not all of them are potential hybrid material. Let's remove the DLC dinos: that's 43 left, and let's consider Indominus rex and Indoraptor as part of the hybrids we'll calculate. 41 dinosaurs then.

Hoy many Indominus style hybrids can we concieve? (Combining just 2 species)
41 x 40 = 1.640

And how many Indoraptor style hybrids? 1 hybrid+1 non-hybrid species
1.640 x 41 = 67.240

How many possible animals we would have with such DLC?
(41 dinosaurs + 1.640 Indominus style hybrids + 67.240 Indoraptor style hybrids + 15 DLC dinosaurs*) x 6 skins each...

*Spinoraptor, Stegoceratops and Ankylodocus are not included, since they can be considered "Indominus style hybrids"

Point is...this is why it won't be. But it's fun to do the numbers, isn't it?
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