Hyperspace, capital ships, thargoids, tailgating

I found some interesting things in the wiki that might be worth investigating more.

Capital Ships - Anyone tried to tailgate a capital ship through it's wake?
In the process of jumping, the capital ship essentially tears open a wormhole into hyperspace, allowing elements of witch-space to leak out into our universe as exemplified by the strange particle effects and audio observed during a capital-class jump.[4] When a capital ship exits hyperspace, a series of lights can be seen moving against the backdrop of space. Space crackles behind the points of light, darkness writhes and lightning flashes.[5]

Thargoid Wormholes. Many of us are already aware that trying to tailgate behind an exiting Thargoid just bounces you back. But note the use of the term "rarely." Maybe we just need to keep trying.
Thargoids use stable wormholes to enter and exit hyperspace. Thargoid vessels such as the Thargoid Interceptor can be observed to deploy a type of green beam to create a wormhole. Rarely does a wormhole remain open after a Thargoid passes through, however, making it impossible for a human ship to enter it, as the ship will simply bounce back.[6] The INRA engineer Effie Ratling lead research into reverse-engineering the Thargoid technology. She created a prototype hybrid hyperdrive and noted that Thargoid drives worked differently than human drives which shifted space around a ship. INRA took over the project, made modifications and tested it with human pilots.[6]

Also at the bottom of the page is a gameplay outline that speaks about being able to tailgate behind other CMDR's, without using a wake scanner. Not sure if this is implemented but it shows that Fdev was thinking of such a mechanic:
Ships can target a residual opening and attempt to “tailgate” after the ship that jumped
  • The tailgater must be in close proximity to the residual opening and activate the hyperdrive
    • The time window for tailgating is a fraction of residual opening’s total existence time
    • There is a significant reduction in charge time for tailgating
    • Fuel is expended for the jump as normal
    • The tailgater suffers an amount of hull/module damage during the jump based on how close the residual opening is to dissipating
    • If successful, the tailgater appears very close to arrival point of the tailgated vessel
Would there be some way of tracking when a Cap ship is going to jump? I know at the start of the conflict with the Thargoids some were moving but can't say I have heard much about them moving around now, but then I am outside of the bubble so that could be it.
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