I always fit D-Rated sensors, is there a reason not to?

Hey all,

So, as per the title, I always fit D-Rated sensors and I'll often lighten them too. My understanding is that better sensors simply extend the detection range slightly, no other features.

There was talk - and I think it made it into a Beta once - about better sensor improving Gimballed and Turreted weapons locks so they'd resist things like Chaff better and be able to detect cold ships more readily. However, I think that never made it out of beta.

Basically, as I've been away from the game for a while only returning fairly recently, is there any plus to having A-Rated Sensors? Is the drop in Speed and Jump Range worth it?

Personally, I'd love it if A-Rated stuff allowed for better targetting as per that old Beta, but I suspect D-Rated is still the way to go.

Just something I was wondering about is all.


Same opinion here - A-rated sensors only improve sensor range and use more power. I still fit them on combat/mission builds (and usually lightweight engineer them) since NPCs not always want to hang around.
A rated sensors are used most often to keep instancing issues at bay (since you can see further) but really there is no real pressing need for them in PvE. Once there was a call to link sensor grade to gimbal efficiency, but that was shouted down sadly.
Not only the call. It was in one of the betas even. Also, virtually anybody who actually tested it liked the changes. But just like when FD attempted to change some engineering stuff, there were enough people who never tested, had no access to the test server or simply refused to ever try, but vocally opposed any change and thus shouted it down. And very traditionally FD caved and removed something which actually would've been an improvement to the game.
Thanks for the responses everyone. I had sorta hoped that something had changed regarding weapon locks and Sensors or at least some subtlety of having better Sensors that made them worth while. Ah well!

I stick A-rated sensors on my mining ships too (as well as combat ships), just cos it helps me keep track of where I've dumped things for a bit longer and gives me a bit of extra time to see anything incoming.

As I've said, I've spent the last week mining and my Python was really engineered for fighting (actually, it isn't engineered at all) so I just had to run away after relogging.
At one point I did have a rather persistent Krait following me for about half an hour and the A-rated sensors helped me keep tabs on it.
For small/medium ships, A-rated sensor are a choice.

For large ships, A-rated sensors are used for "BALANCE" by artificially inflating their mass to ridiculous levels. If you could strap a an A-sensor Sidewinder to a Corvette, you would have better sensor performance and less mass than fitting an A-sensor module to the Corvette.

So D-sensors with lightweight mod is the way to go if you're looking to avoid a mass hit on a large ship. The sensor range will suffer.

On a side note, why is the sensor range so limited in the first place? Other sensors work in SC or for planetary analysis at vast distances. But in normal space, you're limited to klicks, which makes no sense whatsoever. Poor game design, that's my opinion.
Our sensors can detect active frameshift drives at a distance, but can't detect ships in real space at all unless they are close up, but you are "totally" right bro. It's "poor game design." The troll's MacGuffin strikes again.
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