I are a Noob - welcome meh!

Oh wow. That feels really weird...ok lol. Thanks!
Probably tied to advancement of the Thargoid / Guardian 'storyline'.
That advancement has been glacial, sometimes it feels the whole thing is abandoned by the devs, but let's hope it nudges forward again some time, maybe even before next year...
Ok, this is helpful - I see now that the whole section of the galaxy is closed off. Looks like I'm going to have to push right and go out through Elysian Shore unless I can pick a route through here...

Sanguineous Rim.jpg
Yar, I went pretty deep below the plane which probably didn't help initially, but I've come back up and managed to pick a route off towards the Trifid Nebula, then I'll swing back round to the engineers again, cash all this in and see about some upgrades :)

Getting interesting.

I looped over and around the Trifid of the North nebula, not that interesting, and started to think about heading home and working on some other missions, maybe getting a pretty ship, whatever. Came across a beautiful system which I thought was just a three body problem - turned out to have 4 suns;

bigger 4.jpg

Heading back into the bubble I see a nice looking nebula called the California Nebula, so figure I'll have a look at that on the way back - it's nice to see these things get bigger as you hop form system to system;
California Nebula.jpg

Once I got closer I was very pleased to find a research station where I caould patch up the hull from where I forgot to put the shields back online during a landing - and it would have to be the only rough landing I've had! Anyway - Darwin Research Station - a nice place to visit;
Darwin Research Facility.jpg

A quick patch up and I'm headed back towards the bubble and I see what looks like another interesting nebula along the way - the Taurus Dark Region. Couldn't find anywhere actually inside it so I did a quick google search in case I was missing anything. Turns out the nebula itself is fairly innocuous, however very nearby is...

Thargoid ruins.jpg

...and I've had to log off before I can explore! Curse married life! (not really) ;)
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