Parks I built a Sci Fi city

Hey guys, I’ve been working on a sci fi city. Just thought I’d share. Unfortunately I can’t post a POV video, can only get 15 fps with a gtx970..

Saw this post on reddit a few days ago. Nice work!

Here I was a few months ago thinking all the parks in this game were going to look the same. That second screenshot is extraordinary.
wow I love it! I really love your futuristic cityscape.

I hope Frontier will enable a full fps recording ingame later on, like on RCT3 where you would hit record and the game would generate all the frame by frame, so it go slow on screen but the video get all the frames. I liked it.
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Oh man! This is beyond good!

This is fantastical!

Please consider sharing your creation.

I would love to make a nice POV video of it!

What a Brilliant creation!!!
Such great work, I'd love to see more in this style. You did a good job with your city, feels Blade Runner inspired which is a great thing. Other people should take a look at this to try putting their own spin on this theme. Overall great job, and I'd love to see more. (I obviously don't have the early bird edition, but I just enjoy seeing how much everyone with it can do)
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