I fought the law and the law won

I found on my way back from running missions CMDR Fuego Estelar at the Rock. He agreed to a 1v1 and out the slot we went to see what was better. A 2 booster bi-weave FdL with a seasoned law enforcement officer or a meta FdL with a green outlaw behind the sticks. This is fight 1 of 3. It's the only one with an explosion at the end.

The 2nd fight was a draw as with lot's of experience, precision, and just cold blooded aim, speak super lucky, one of my rail shots took out his canopy early on. Of course I forgot to press the record button for that on, but that's what happened, pinky swear. We restocked and repaired and went for round 3. It was 35 minutes of intense joy and frustration, some say fun, and it ended with both of us at 4% hull and me out of ammo for my PAs. Totally forgot about my rail, I never shot it in that fight. Fuego got his be-weave up again and still had 3 volleys left, so he won that round too. I have a lot to learn on how to fight somebody who is evasive and to hold my boost and stuff, in short everything.
Thanks to CMDR Fuego Estelar for an intense and fun hour of fighting. I'm looking forward to the next one, and maybe one day the noob outlaw wins.

GG Paulina

edit: @ Vandaahl. No, I didn't blew him up.😥
GG both of you !
Is this the fights I'm lurking around?

It's amazing how much @Fuego Estelar is getting out of his two booster FdL, that thing is very nimble and terribly difficult to hit.
And cool that you have fun out here man, we also have fun, and we all learn from those fights (y)
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