I got griefed for the first time in 3 years...

...and it happened the strangest way. I had myself parked near a guardian site in the Synuefe cluster. I went afk for like 15 minutes for a breakfast. I forgot to dismiss my AspX. Bad mistake. I came back, put my Oculus on, something strange was happening. A hollow contact on my scanner and no sign of my beloved Gaia II. 5 seconds later the hollow point on the scanner was gone... together with my Gaia II and a bunch of exploration data.

I was stuck there
in my rover,
over 200 ly from home.
I climbed the highest peak
pushed hard on the throttle
max engine, min systems
at least I was back home
(in my brand new Gaia II)

thank you Mr. procedurally generated griefer

the end
Hollow contact means human player...

That was no procedurally generated griefer, unless you consider the act of creating said human being procedural generation...
Pre-requirements for AFK in ED :
  • solo mode
  • clean criminal status
  • no cargo
  • no active missions
  • stay still or fly into void
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