PvP I got KICKED out of my HOME!

The beginning with the boast of noob-killing was bad, the end was better, especially against people who know what they do.

Also this video should be called : everything wrong with balance in Elite: Dangerous 😂
That voice! 🤣

I was hoping to see you (again) at Farseer in that build. I'd love to see your PoV when you almost died hitting the ground :)

Until next time, in space, with a different build for sure.
This video and scenario are all kinds of stupid. I like it.

"There is no...evidence", he exclaims! All the while uploading gun cam footage of his wanton destruction of valueless property in a post scarcity economy, forcing the former occupants thereof to endure a mildly annoying ejection sequence that ensured their survival.
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