Roller Coasters I Made a Realistic Meteor Shower! (including coaster)

Thank you for that wonderful comment! I do appreciate you taking the time to watch it and to write to me! haha Glad you liked the welcoming party at the end also! :)
Your work is always fantastic. It's always cause for celebration each time you unveil a new one. Often it's the most cheerful thing to happen in my life since your previous release :).

But I do think the ride's name has it backwards. This looks more like "Chased by Comets", or "Witness to the LATER Heavy Bombardment" (a reference to the "Late Heavy Bombardment") [big grin]


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Fantastic work, Tommy. You're definitely a brilliant master builder with your magnificent creations! :D
I notice that fire and explosions are the basis of your creations ! I hope you are not an arsonist ! [haha][haha][haha]


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I have copied this thread from the Triggered Events forum to the Coasters forum, which will be renamed to Rides, so that this thread will be preserved during the upcoming Forum Revamp in March 2019.
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