Track Rides I made a simple wooden train bridge, feedback on it?


It's actually based on steel bridges, but either I'm dumb or there are no small steel pieces like the wooden post. I didn't try recoloring the wooden post to look like steel, but I used wooden columns for the upright pieces and despite having a color picker those don't recolor as far as I can tell.

So for all I know this kind of bridge doesn't even exist in wood. :(

But its my first build with non-standard pieces. I know some pieces stick out and could be rotated better but I got frustrated dealing with it and figured it looked good enough if you don't stare at it. It's kind of a draft, I suppose.
I wasn't really happy with it until I built the terrain around it.

Honestly the terrain took me 5 minutes, the bridge itself took me an embarassingly long hour or so. I should probably make terrain instead of buildings [haha] Maybe now that I finished this I can make another one with different pieces much more quickly...
That's looking realy nice! I'm missing the supports under the parts that lead on and off the embankments though, then it would be purrrrfect ;)
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I am no where close to a bridge expert, but I'm finding a very hard time on google images finding entirely wooden arched bridges over water with the same support design (for trains). I see floating supports in water. I see arched bridges partially wooden, with steel framing. I don't see entire arched wooden structures with that support system.

Again, not a bridge expert. I just checked google images. Otherwise, looks wise, it looks pretty awesome!
Yeah, like I said, I started intending to color it dark, but for some reason these pieces have color options that don' anything. So we're gonna have to live with inaccuracy!

Especially since I finalized it and consider it complete. I added extra supports and cleaned it up a bit.
The bridge came out wonderfully!

Maybe you've found your PC niche? Brosuke the Bridge Builder (tm)? :)

I remember the pathing thread with the small bridge over the creek as well (terrain was uneven and causing issues).
Well, it does have like 6 feet high horizontal supports there :p
Anyway, I like the looks of your bridge either way :)
I thought you meant, like, angled posts holding it up. I did end up adding the thick bit under the track at the ends! Look at the steam upload! [big grin]
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