I need help fellow noobs welcome

Strongly recommend not playing with anyone yet ( called Open mode), stick instead to Solo mode for a while, learn how to fly/ land your ship without being harassed ( ie killed/ destroyed) by others.
Let people advise you but don't let them give you a "leg up", there's a lot to learn and it's fun.
Don't get obsessed with creds.
Don't be in a rush for big ships 90% of the fun is anticipation..
Don't get involved with the "grind", things are supposed to take a long time.

Do hang out with others in discord and parties.
Do make sure you enjoy the Sidewinder.
Do get a Cobra and engineer it cos that the most fun ever.
Do play in open, visiting Deciat and Mia for the first time is great fun. Some people are mean but the vast majority are cool.
Or... OR you can hang out with the other noobs in open, and make friends.

I met two rookies over the last week who are pretty chill, and I had a good time helping them figure things out.

Why bumble through the Galaxy alone, when you can be completely lost with a companion? That’s part of the fun, all of that early trial and error.
I met a couple ozzy noobs last weekend. Nice chaps. However some one had told them there was a free corvette at hutton orbital. Bless them they fell for it hook line and sinker. Lol.
I did my best to tell them otherwise but they went ahead anyway and then ran out of fuel before they could jump to alpha centuri. So i had to do the decent thing and point them in the direction of the heros that are the fuel rats. I was on mic with them and the fuel rats were very good and not too narct at being called into action on the bank holiday.
Just thought id share.
Fly safe cmdrs o7
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