I need to land on this planet to complete a mission everytime I try it just crashes and the only thing the docking computer will do is put it into orb

I need to land on this planet to complete a mission everytime I try it just crashes and the only thing the docking computer will do is put it into orbit I've done a scan of the planet I can see the place on the planet and it says rude unavailable I've got the extra pack installed that should let me land on the planet but for some reason I can't what am I missing

What you're targeting looks like an outpost. No landing pads there unfortunately so a docking computer won't help you. Planetary bases with landing pads have a different icon to the one you have selected.
Are you sure that you're on the right planet? Also, are you sure you're logged into Horizons and not ED 64?
You have to target the station on the planet, and fly down to it. It's pretty simple, but since you don't have a grasp (yet) of the fundamentals you are going to struggle. Visit the tutorial that deals with planetary landings.

Of course, it's possible you have loaded up the basic game, instead of Horizons, since accepting the mission but that is less likely. More a need to understand what you are doing and how you do it. Dangerous Discussion can't give you a tutorial on ..... every ..... single ..... feature of this game .... some things you have to work out in the tutorials and ask in the Newcomers threads.
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He seems to know, that he cannot land on the base. But he probably needs to land near the base. And SC assist will not do that for him. So he needs to manually land near the base.
OK, so here's what you need to do. You can select the base to land next to it doing a manual landing. How you do this will depend on the gravity of the moon/planet.

If it's below 0.5g, fly towards the planet and try to keep the angle of descent at around 25 - 30 degrees to make life easy. Eventually you'll hit glide altitude where you'll approach the surface. Once you've exited glide, throttle down immediately to stop. Then get your bearings, throttle up into the blue zone and approach the base.

Find a suitable place outside any exclusion zone (you'll know when you hit one), cut the throttle and gently descend to about 100m. Deploy landing gear and look for a blue dot on the surface under the HUD image of your ship where the radar was a moment ago. If it's not blue, increase throttle gently and look for a flatter area. Once you have a blue dot, cut throttle and very slowly descend until you've hit the ground and your engines shut down.

Then deploy your SRV and drive over to the base.

If gravity is above 0.5g just approach at a shallower angle (15- 20 degrees) and be a little more gentle with the controls.

Bit of practice and you'll be fine.
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Yeah, thought it'd be important to separate the bit about the SRV out.

As for issues, lets not forget, "I drove off 2km from my ship and it flew away. How do I get it back?" That had me stuck for a few minutes when it first happened.
The other classic (had it happen to me this week) is "the base killed my ship, I'm stuck here in the SRV ... what do I do?". But lightspeed is right, next problem will be no SRV
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