I really like Elite Dangerous, and here's some of why... (please feel free to add your own)

I like...

- The very immersive cockpit. It's really well done. I especially like the damage effects, it reminds me of a modern version of the X-wing vs Tie Fighter cockpit where bits exploded. My favourite part of this is when the canopy gets blown out and takes parts of the HUD with it and your RemLock helmet comes on, that's awesome, only game that's made me want to get VR.

- Paint peeling off the ship with use. I didn't know it was a thing in the game until I was tootling around in an SRV and noticed some little black marks. I assumed at first it was part of the ship painjob already and just noticed it for looking cool. Then a while later I thought maybe there was more marks, possibly... and then later, more... wait... is the paint chipping off!!! OMG.

- The sound of the Multi-cannons firing.

- The way the scoop/landing gear and weapons deploy, it feels very solid, and often I use the external camera just to see it happen.

- The directional engine cowlings on the Cobra (not sure if other ships do similar). Very nice little touch.

- I can pick a direction and just keep going.

- The sound effect when you're under OC for a planet and not in SC, the hull ticks and shudders, so awesome.

And lastly for this list, but certainly not least - The mystery. The Formidite rift mystery particularly is what got me to come back and give Elite another go and the UA/UP/Barnacles/Thargoid Return is what's keeping me playing. Can't say I've been disappointed.

I'd love to hear what things you like about Elite Dangerous...

P.S. This thread is for positive stuff, hopefully the devs will read it and see that we as players appreciate stuff they've worked hard on.
Talk about timing...

I just had a wee little smile on my face as I jumped into system Ooscs Aeb IQ-G b10-0, nothing special about it, its an M red dwarf and two L brown dwarf stars and nothing else, but it was the fact that as I was coming around the main star the L's were in a line, one was red the other pinkish, it made me smile, you see it's the little things this game throws at me that keeps me playing.

That and Im now sitting at Oudory IN-S e4-0, a B blue white, now left or right. :D
The cockpit aspect of it for sure. I mean, the fact that you can feel like you are flying your spaceship is what makes it great compared to a game like Eve where you click your ship around the map from some weird helicopter view. Lame. And some people have the nerve to call Eve a spaceship game

The variety of activites. Sure, some get old faster than others, but there is variety and I like that. I am excited for when FD implements more core gameplay loops, especially to exploration.
I get to fly a spaceship to any one of 400 billion stars.
Granted there's nothing to do there except take photo's but I can still do it if I wanted to.
I think that's what I love about ED the most; the potential for what it can become, for what we will be able to do in a galaxy this vast.

( I hope Frontier get their act together, double, or triple their ED dev team and start pushing out some serious content; this current content pace is a tad too slow for my liking. )
Aye, I love the variety. Trading, bounty hunting, fighting in conflict zone zones, heading out thousands of light years from the bubble to to get first discoveries, planetary scanning. Even shooting thargoid scanvengers for that CG a while back.

Sure, I just got here, but I do really like all the different ways to play.
I needed something to cheer me up wrt the game, so I think I'll just follow the thread for a while if you don't mind. :)
It does stir the imagination though, and gets the creative juices flowing.
That it is so open - so many roles to play.

the potential to create your own story particularly with external media available such as these forums or similar thereby creating emergent storylines between players.

I imagine there are hundreds of such stories bubbling along in the elite universe most of which very few know about. And these are going on beneath the main lore of the elite universe and it's emergent overarching narrative that you can choose to interact with or ignore as you please.

Also the ability to be an irritant to nasty pirate types.

Oh yeah and frag cannons up close attacking condas pythons etc with smaller ships.

And you have to love the cockpits.
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I love the "feel" of the SRV as it bounds across the landacape, unforgiving of mistakes but remarkably resilient when you bounce it off a mogul at 50m/s.

I love the audio feedback from the engines in Supercruise, the rising howl as you exceed the safe 0:06 eta and the warble when you corkscrew in, just keeping it the right side of an overshoot loop (I swear you could hit safe drop with a blindfold on).

I too love the way the ship creaks and groans during glide mode.

I love watching the coming and going of other ships at those city scale circular planetary bases and how, when you're driving towards one in the SRV you can see ships heading out to space from many km away.

I love all the little sounds the UI menus make as you navigate them and the little fluttering sounds of the side panels as they open and close.

I love that excess heat can make your modules malfunction in all sorts of interesting ways (chaff randomly firing, cargo falling out, pips going haywire).

I love that, were my train not approaching its destination, I could go on like this for hours.

I love that this game has the best internet community in the world.
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Things I love...

- The physics and weight of the ships is spot on and as a result the act of flying never gets old or tiresome.

- The game is beautiful. Coriolis stations for me are one of the greatest pieces of modelling in a game, anywhere.

- The sound design is top notch, obvs.

- Space trucking is fun.

- Combat, when I dabble in it, is great. AI is really well done.

- I really like driving the SRV and searching for materials, especially on some of the more interesting planets.

- SLF's are great, even with a lowly Keelback.
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I came to this game because I was in a sore need of flying a spacecraft. That´s all I wanted.
And that´s what I got in large quantities when I started playing the game.
To this day, the feeling of flying my spaceship has not diminish. The game keeps giving me I want thus I am really content with it.
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