I remember a trip to the Zoo where....

I remember as a child my parents first taking me to the zoo and on a warm day filled with new discoveries, finding out new things we ended up watching a Zoo Keeper in a Lion Taming scenario. He did have a whip but only for noise and distracting the huge cats, He did have a chair for protection, it was a good act. He ended by clicking his fingers to which the huge male African Lion opened his jaws wide. As a show stopping finale the Zoo Keeper put his head inside the Lions mouth!

Whilst everybody applauded he switched the mic on and made an offer of personal bravery and fear to the entire audience. To one person only. the person who was fearless enough to come down to the arena and do the same trick! Without my parents having a chance to grab me I shot to my feet and was already running to the arena as I shouted "I will, I'll do it". I remember looking back up the stalls to my parents. My mum was crying.

The Zoo Keeper was good though, he made the audience applaud for me and said "young man, are you really brave enough to do this trick, do you really think you can do it?" and then shoved the mic in my face.

"Definitely!! But I'm not sure I can open my mouth as wide as the Lion".
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