I think tornados should be able to kill dinosaurs and guests like in jpog. Cause right now they just pass through them.

I think tornados should be able to kill the dinosaurs and guests like in jpog:D cause right now the tornados just pass through the dinosaurs and guests and doesn't suck them up like in jpog. Cause that would make the tornados more realistic:D
True, but I had enough issues playing the game to get to where I want. The twister causes more than enough chaos to let the dinosaurs loose to kill people and other possible animals. And the emergency will go on like forever if that's the case the twister kills people and everything. So think it's not necessary to have the twister kill people and the animals. There's enough damages, kills, issues, and the aftermath to deal with in this game. Me personally I'm good for the way it is.
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they could change how tornados spawn like they can only spawn once a day then it has to wait until a time of day that it can spawn agian:)
LIKE SAY IT SPAWNS NOW AND NOW IT ONLY CAN SPAWN WHEN YOUR ON THE 4TH 9TH OR 20TH DAY AND SO ON:D that way it wont cause much carnage but when they do spawn that wont be a happy time for the park:)
Nah I dont think so at all. I understand the experience on JPOG, and wanting it be realistic. But to in JWE it would makes things a little too hard. So there's enough to deal in the aftermath and the budgeting.
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Yes I get where you're coming from wanting the tornados to be more destructive because in JPOG I remember that once I had an awesome park built a tornado ripped through and absolutely decimated me and then this was followed up with a heatwave..... so the only way I could recover in the game was to sell alot of my buildings etc and completely rebuild the park (as they close you done - game over - if you were in the financial red for too long). I feel JWE doesn't have this sense of ability to really fail that much as even a bad tornado basically means you can auto-tranq all your dinos and repair all breakages in like 5-10 mins easy.

I also think the best way to implement this would be difficult levels or have it as a sandbox setting, as I get that some people already find jurassic difficulty etc pretty tough!
but what if you have something really expensive like a indoraptor and a tornado comes and kills it.Thats 2 million dollars just wasted.
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