I want a Special Effect Actually

I want to make my waters seem more alive. I know we have water movement special effects and falling foliage. So I'd love if we could get a special effect of fish swimming. nothing major or specific as far as species go, just some little silvery fish would be perfect. Even in zoos minnows still manage to find their way into habitat waters so it is realistic and give water more life visually. They can be region-specific if people want it. so Africa with cichlids as an example.

some zoo has them living with hippos like in this photo https://live.staticflickr.com/3555/3609208658_f023915ab4_b.jpg. so yea. that's my 2bits.
I would like water with fish in them, not specifically for enclosures or animals to go in but decoration through the park. However I have no idea of feasibility of this.

On the subject of water I would like to see different colours if that is the right word. Some for tropical climates that are more translucent and more Azure coloured.
Bees would also great. Maybe even small Mammals like Squirrels and Hedgehogs that can live free in the Zoo
Unless they add 'common garden animals' from literally every country in the world this won't work, and it shouldn't. You won't find a squirrel in New Zealand, for example, but you can build a zoo there in-game.
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