I want to die: The story of my 658LY journey

Based on the title you might be worried about me. Don't be. I'm already dead inside you cant do any more damage.

Elite dangerous: Challenge accepted

I've lately been getting into exploring and today I was hey lets do some light exploring by traveling all the way across the bubble Starting from Wangal to Deciat to engineer my fds and thrusters then to Hip 112829 to do some grind passenger missions then I went all the way to to the Oracle to do some sight seeing. All in my exploration Dolphin named <Flipper>. Don't worry I did get screenshots of some sick things so, worth it.

It started out ok I never got to engineer my fsd cause I got distracted and accidentally jettisoned my cargo in super cruise without my knowledge, so small bummer. Then I went all the way to Hip 112829 which is all the way across the bubble some 400ly journey. But with my exploration data I was able to sell it for about 1 mil. Note: I did not have a detailed discover scanner as I was just getting into some beginner explorations, beginner.

So after arriving at Hip for short, I was like hey lets do some passenger missions, however I decided it wasn't worth the time for the small payout and sold all my cabins and equipped my dolphin for explorations cause why not. Note I could have used my DBX but I was too lazy to wait those 5 minutes of transfer time. 14.37Ly jump range with max surface scanner. Buy a surface scanner they said. go exploring they said. It will be fun they said. Yeah fun..... definitely what I would call it. About 19-20 jumps later I realize I didn't attach a fuel scoop and don't have enough fuel to get to the nearest station. Lucky for me I found about about the fuel rats and hopped onto their site to request a rescue. Shout-out to Dystopia for coming to my rescue

Now I have set off on a 258.something light year journey to The Oracle to see sight see. And boy oh boy did I go sight seeing. Little did I know it would be the last thing I ever saw. I do have screenshots. Anyway I did visit a Thomas bulk cargo ship that had been attacked by them thoids. I did see a damaged escaped pod and decide it would be a good idea to rescue it, killed iiiiitttttt! Literally. I did visit Sanchez Scientific research vessel and took some more screenshots there too.

Okay on with the story I racked out about 4 mil halfway there and when I arrived I want to say I had about 10 maybe more mil. Unlucky for me the station while under repair did not have Universal Cartographics available So I decided to head back and rack up some more credits and redeem it at my home system. Now I hardly ever get into combat, only when necessary so too me I wasn't worried.

Soon after leaving The Oracle to head back to my home system, another 250LY away I saw a signal source and decided to check it out. Popped in saw a ship that had been wasted by a thargoid. Luckily for me the Thargoid(not sure what kind, probably a cyclops) was still there. Now Note: I have never seen or met a thargoid wanted to get a close up screenshot of one, and by close I mean up close and personalllllll baby. So I flew around to the front to get the shot of it's face in doing so I accidentally pressed shift and space boosted into its face. Yeah, it was not happy about that. So I ended up getting annihilated and losing my 10 mil(I'm not bitter). However I did a get a screenshot and some wicked cool footage.\

Screenshots: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198364876180/screenshots/

Footage: http://plays.tv/video/5a470f379d818661c1/first-contact-with-thargoids-totally-fricked-up-
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Well. At least you got screenshots.

I flew all the way to Sagittarius A* and completely forgot to pack my Polaroid.
Welcome to ED!

Part of learning is making mistakes, so don't sweat, we've all done it.

Looks like you are off to a good start by changing up what you do.

See you in the black.

There is no shame in making mistakes as long as the lesson is learned. We have all learned a lot and will continue to do so...
Just keep on flying and keep recording your journey, even if it is only for yourself :)

Be seeing you in the void CMDR!

o7 and Godspeed
Based on the title you might be worried about me. Don't be. I'm already dead inside you cant do any more damage.

After reading that I have to admit that I would gladly help you end your misery. Have you thought about an occupational change?
Maybe gardener or monk might be something for you - anything not involving spaceships (and probably any other form of technology).

Sorry, I had to laugh. Good luck with your next endeavors and have fun what ever happens :)
First lesson in the E;D tutorial should be "how to unbind the 'jettison all cargo' button". That thing's caught me out a few times as well.
These are the times that try men's souls.

We learn by doing. Exploration is a profession that is not for everyone. It requires patience and precision over long hours, days, weeks, months, and years of jumping alone in the black.

Keep up the good work. Learn from you errors. Ask a vet on the best loadout for exploration. Those are great shots!

Just remember. In space no one can hear you scream.
hehe that kind of sucks...you must of thought you were "Cousin Eddy" from Independence Day :p
Wow. So many mishaps. In a 50k LY exploration mission I never had any drama like that. The worst that happened was my paint job wore off.
You like me to avenge your misfortune? I am already planning to solo another victim. this one will be in your name!!! ;)

Nice screenshots by the way. the mega ship ones are very nice and the Bernard's loop and gas giant one is beautiful!

Keep up the good work!
It's an Emotional Error. Something new comes along in the game, we get excited about it, then our fingers do something our brain didn't tell them to! :)
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