[LFG] I was experienced... and now im looking for someone who still is [ENG/GER]

Hi there,
to make it short I havent played since quiet a while and now I really wanna play again. So now Im looking for someone who wants to fly with me and get me back in to the game.
Im interested in pretty much everything from trading to combat except PvP because I heard rumors that a high amount of cheaters are present on open play.
Feel free to contact me via this thread or just add me on Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/EliasShepard/

Fly safe Commanders o7
Oh and as a quick note dont bother posting your clan recruitments here I dont want to find a large group of people where you either have to force yourself in or get lost in the masses, thank's for your understanding
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Greetings CMDR Elias Shepard!

We'd be happy to have you consider membership in AOD; we have many experienced players who would be eager to fly with you! We have players experienced in bounty hunting, trading, mining, BGS manipulation (we own 18 stations in 14 systems now), Thargoid hunting (bi-weekly group event), Guardian tech, PVP and exploration. As a group, we're anti-player murder and anti-player piracy -- we play as "the good guys." We work together, help our own and often lend a hand to others around the bubble in need.

For more information and to see some of our most recent events, check out our recruitment post or visit our clan website directly!

Fly safe CMDR!
Hey commander. There's no need to join our squadron. We have extensive ED support and updates via our well-developed discord sever but if you fancy joining our squadron (small and close-knit), you're more than welcome. Feel free to pop in, say hello and hang around and see if our group can provide something along the lines of what you're looking for.

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