I Was Ganked By A Thargoid Cyclops And I Think I Have A Date

What should I wear for our next meeting? I'm so excited - although it probably won't be able to go too far before the 2020 xenoromance update.
Don't do it. That Thargoid hyperdicted me too - several times, in fact. But she's never there when I want something... She'll just use you and throw you away... ;)
But sure, have you been to a Camden night club on ladies night? Wall to wall Thargoids...
Slimelight must have changed a bit since I was last there ;)

I didn't realise that was goth music
should I just end it all now?
It’s on the gothic spectrum. Though I think the picture is more of a neo-goth “Black Tape for a Blue Girl” style than a trad. hardcore Fields Of The Nephilim end of the scale.
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