I will love all this in ride

I hope Planet Coaster is not finished because there are still a lot of things missing !
I am personally waiting :
  • Topple Tower ( Huss )
  • Slingshot ( Cedar Point )
  • Flying Bobs ( Matterhorn )
  • Smashing Jump ( Fabbri Group )
  • Take Off ( Huss )
  • Flipper ( Huss )
  • Dancing Fly ( Fabbri Group )
  • Rapid Adventure ( Fabbri Group )
  • King Kong ( Huss )
Frontier : Please add rides
I want several rides from RCT3 that are missing. Sky Swing, Slingshot, Wipeout, Thunder Bobs, the big tower ride that has seats at each end and rotates, and well, that ufo flying saucer type ride that spins that begins with a G that nobody wants in PC. The problem is, I seem to like Planet Coaster more than RCT3 and Parkitect, and RCTW sucks. I can probably live without waterslides, as long as we get a sequel with them.
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