I would like an Augmented Reality tab similar to the Modules tab

Definition - when I say "Augmented Reality", I'm talking about all things displayed on the glass of our cockpit that visually add to the space around us.

We have the ability to turn orbit lines on and off, and already people are asking to allow for even more customization of this very specific augmented reality feature. But I'd personally like to take this further, and I think the most logical approach from a UI perspective would be to move the "Orbit Lines" out of the Ship menu and into a new "AR" menu that looks similar to the module menu, with "check boxes" allowing us to turn various elements of the augmented reality on and off. Some examples would be:

Orbit lines
Exclusion zones
Signal sources
Stations and outposts
Hostile ships
Non-hostile ships
Weapon reticles
Discovery probe overlay
Targeted objects

Obviously you can use the terminology of your own choosing, but notice there is a lot of granularity there. It would also be handy to have a "select all / none" option. There are days when I just want to look my window and see the universe around me without any augmented reality overlayed on top of it. It really would add to the immersion factor, for those of us interested, but it would also reduce clutter in heavy combat (more than once the AR has blocked my view of the target).

If this is too complicated for a "anytime soon" QOL update, then I would settle for a simple "AR on / off" switch added to the Ship menu. PLEASE NOTE PC CMDRs - I am on PS4, so if you folks have a special CTRL-ALT-something key combination that already does this, then my request is to make this available as a mappable function for consoles. We can't turn off our HUD either, which I sure would like as well.

One last very important thing - I can personally fly without any AR, except for the one thing currently missing from the HUD - time to target. I need to know when I'm at the magic 6 second mark when approaching an object in supercruise! Otherwise, the HUD and my eyeballs give me everything I need.
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Missing the arrival timer is a big p.i.t.a when your canopy is broken. I am still wondering why this isn't shown in nav panel.

And I like this kind of on of options as a start, I would have loved to have a modding API that would allow us to customize the HUD, available on ALL platforms.
Missing the arrival timer is a big p.i.t.a when your canopy is broken. I am still wondering why this isn't shown in nav panel.

Even stranger, the HUD displays the distance TWICE in close proximity. Get rid of one of those distance counters and replace it with a time counter.
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