[IC] Jon Rita's Space Quest (PM ONLY)

Name: Jon Rita

Place of Birth: Azeban, Eranin


He wanted to live like a pilot, so the Terran Colonial Forces made him just that, as per their credo that every citizen and civillian should have the freedom to live as they want (or is there more to the rumour that the people just wanted some peace and quite from his never ending yapping about space and how he would be the top pilot once he'd gotten his pilot's license?).
I never expected that getting your Pilot's License would be so easy: one session in a simulator and I had to point the location of the Space Traders Flight Training Manual. Seriously?!

My current ship, the Principium, is loaned to my by the Terran Colonial Forces. I have to return the ship as soon as possible. The CR 1.000 is a gift.

Now, what to do? I always dreamt of becoming a pilot, I never thought about what I would do once I became one ...

In order to become really independent I need at least CR 33.000. With this money I can buy my own ship and have as much starting money as I have now. There are some courrier missions here that could provide me with the money I need (and some more).
My first two missions gave me enough money to buy me my own Sidewinder and allowed me to return the Principium to its rightful owners.

I went back to Azeban City, Eranin and took the shuttle down to Azeban to say my final goodbyes to my friends and family. Mother was visibly pleased to see me, the rest of the family and friends reacted quite ... I don't know how to phrase it ... uneasy? Goodbyes are difficult I guess.

The missions gave me rank in trading! I'll have to read up on the codex, I think. And maybe I should really read the Pilot's Handbook?
Trade in itself is not that profitable. May with a bit of research I can find a profitable trade route. Trade missions are more lucrative, but they are drying out in the stations that I have visited. So in both cases I need to look around for opportunities.

I had my first combat today. Some low-lifes wanted to steal my cargo. They didn't get away with it. The fighting was intense, there is no real time to think your actions through when you are being shot at (and I am still not really used to 6 degrees of freedom flying).

Currently operating from Azeban, Eranin. Partly working for the Terran Colonial Forces and the Federation.

Oh, and I have been promoted to "Dealer" already! Nice!
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