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Zac Antonaci

Head of Communications

As you may already be aware we will soon be holding the Icarus Cup, a Wing vs. Wing Tournament to find the greatest combatants in the Galaxy. This event which will see you and your squad facing off against other Commanders seeking glory in this prestigious event.

We’re opening registration now to allow us to measure the scope of interest and plan out a suitable sized tournament structure. Due to the nature of tournaments, we will likely need to select a number of groups up to the maximum that will work effectively. We will confirm which groups have been selected for the games through your registered email address after signups have closed. Signups will close at 09:00 Wednesday 3 August.

Firstly though, there are some key pieces of information for you to be aware of before entering the cup. So dial back the throttle and cool your fighting spirits, Commanders, because you’re going to want to pay close attention to the following.

Ship Weighting & Points Allocation

Each team will be comprised of four pilots at any time and each ship is allocated a numerical value. A team can have a total of 15 points across all four pilots with only a single ship allowed to use one single Engineers modification. The ship values can be found below, as well as an example of how a team’s points will be calculated.

  • Fer-de-Lance – 9 points
  • Python - 9 points
  • Federal Assault Ship - 8 points
  • Federal Gunship - 7 points
  • Federal Dropship - 6 points
  • Vulture - 6 points
  • Imperial Courier - 5 points
  • Asp Explorer - 5 points
  • Asp Scout - 5 points
  • Diamondback Explorer - 4 points
  • Diamondback Scout - 4 points
  • Viper Mk IV - 4 points
  • Viper Mk III - 3 points
  • Cobra Mk IV - 3 points
  • Cobra Mk III - 3 points
  • Keelback - 2 points
  • Imperial Eagle - 2 points
  • Type-6 Transporter - 2 points
  • Adder - 2 points
  • Eagle - 2 points
  • Sidewinder - 1 points
  • Hauler - 1 points

For example in week 1 of the games Team A select their four ships and their roster includes three Eagles (3 x 2 points) and 1 Python (9 points). The Python is the only ship who has an Engineer modification. They win and go through to the next round. In their next match they decide to use two Vultures (2 x 6 points) one Eagle (2 points) and a Sidewinder (1 point). For some reason unknown to most people, they decide to have the Sidewinder with the Engineers modification, probably to confuse their opponents on who to target first. Both weeks have different ship selection but their points must always add up to a maximum of 15 and they only have one Engineers modification each week.


Each team can register a total of eight pilots, four must be selected for each match, meaning that you have four additional Commanders to swap and change between matches. The eight man squad cannot be changed after the registration closes, and they will remain your final teams thereafter!

Captains can register their teams using the following form.


The Icarus Cup Trophy is a holographic dashboard piece that you will be able to install on your ship. This will be the first trophy of this kind ever awarded in Elite Dangerous and will be highly sought after by your peers, so you’ll have to bring your A-game to the tournament. In addition there will be an exclusive Icarus cup decal which will be given to both the winning groups on PC and Xbox One showing all the Commanders in the galaxy how truly skilled you are. Are you ready to show us what you’re made of?



Rules & Terms

Note: there are not final, they will be updated based on additional comments and questions and to add clarity to the games before they go live.

  • Each squad registers eight people
  • Each Commander can only be registered with one squad. If a Commander is registered with more than 1 squad he will be asked which squad he represents. The other squad will forfeit that place
  • Each match will require a maximum of 4 members of the squad to be present at the location in game and on the designated team speak or discord server. These members will be the Team for that match
  • Squads will have a minimum of 48 hours’ notice before a match takes place through one or more of the following methods email, newsletter announcements, discord contacts or other private message. Matches are likely to be played in the evening UK time
  • Teams will select their ships based on the points system given. A Team they will have a maximum of 15 points for all the ships
  • Ships modules and weapons can be customised and improved with any station specific upgrades, 1.6 standard upgrades. If it can be obtained at a stations outfitting, it can be added without any additional points
  • Powerplay modules will not be allowed. If a team has any of these modules present during the match, the squad will face disqualification
  • One Engineers upgraded module will be allowed for the whole team if any additional modules are present in the teams ships for the match, that team will face disqualification
  • No Synthesis and materials may be used
  • A team member must be present 15 minutes before the match is due to start in the location in game and in the team speak or discord server. If one of the members is not there at that time then they risk being personally disqualified from that match and the team will have to play with as many players there were ready and available to make the match at the required time (up to a maximum of 4).
  • If a team has less than 4 players available and ready at the designated times and locations they will need to play with the number of players they have or forfeit the match
  • If an entire team is unavailable then they will forfeit the match
  • If a team decides to or is forced to play with less than 4 members in a match then they will need to play as if there would be four players from a points and set up perspective. This means that the remaining players would not be able to split 15 points amongst the remaining players and would instead need to have a minimum of one point deducted per missing player
  • If a team is found to be cheating either during or after the match a disqualification will take place and the opposition will progress through in their place
  • Any swearing, unsportsmanlike or bad behaviour and a team faces disqualification at Frontier discretion
  • Frontier Development reserve the right to take any actions they feel needed in the competition including disqualifying members and groups at their own discretion
Very interesting! I'm not sure if I missed it above, but where will the combat take place? Will it be in private groups, to stop outside interference?
What about the CQC thing, is tournament postponed or canceled outright?

Also. Hopefully you'll have something like that for 1-man-teams one day, for those of us who prefer duels.

While we're at it, some kind of tournament for explorers could be fun!

In other words, looking forward to other activities like this.
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So question, say I wanted a Fer-de-lance and a Federal Dropship and the other two "don't show". Is that an option?
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Zac Antonaci

Head of Communications
What about the CQC thing, is tournament postponed or canceled outright?

Also. Hopefully you'll have something like that for 1-man-teams one day, for those of us who prefer duels.

While we're at it, some kind of tournament for explorers could be fun!

In other words, looking forward to other activities like this.

As mentioned a couple of weeks back, it's postponed and a cash tournament following at a later date.
I would like to join up. however I dont have a squad.
If anyone wants me I am up.

I am mostly a vulture pilot , but I own nearly every other combat ship as well
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