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Recalling the trailer announcing the game (where a ranger is devoured by a T-Rex( Rest in peace bro) and rethinking the primary goal of each protagonist of the saga Jurassic Park (survive), the game has only two main catalysts jeopardizing the future of the park (dinosaur comfort and weather conditions)

Suppose now that tornadoes are no longer the most destructive meteorological event of the game, but a hurricane and the damage it causes is too important to ensure the safety of tourists only with emergency shelters. If tornadoes can break fences and damage buildings, it can be assumed that hurricanes reduce the dinosaur comfort threshold more quickly than any other weather phenomenon

It should therefore be possible to evacuate visitors quickly before the hurricane arrives. A new building could therefore be proposed as an evacuation center that drives tourists by helicopter on the mainland, and at the entrance to the island (where it is assumed that the ferries await them). That would add a little more realism, since the arrival monorail would be immediately saturated if 5000 visitors go at the same time.

If visitors don't have time to evacuate, they will go to the emergency shelters, but, if the hurricane (or why not a tornado) damages a power plant or causes a power outage, it could cause opening emergency shelters doors, and it's to the guard team to intervene to protect tourists by tranquilizing the dinosaurs (UC helicopter being grounded due to weather conditions)

In terms of realism, it is unlikely that a team of guard alone will restore the park without getting away with a single scratch. That's why I think it would be interesting to include the possibility for the rangers to be injured or destroyed when it comes to the most dangerous dinosaurs (in the same way that big carnivores of Jurassic Park Operation Genesis attacked the safari jeeps)

Knowingly, Ian Malcolm would probably have asked if there was a medical center or infirmary in your dinosaur park. And this medical center could allow the injured ranger to be treated, adding a wait time before the ranger team is available, which increases the risk of visitors being injured. It would be immediately heavier to know that we take a risk when driving rangers car but the survival of the park depends on it.

This medical center could be used for visitors trampled by herbivores or bitten by small carnivores and could play a role in the safety category in the note of facilities.

The effectiveness of these two buildings can be configured in the same way as the gray zonation of emergency shelters with a more or less extensive area. Visitors who are injured in the area of the nfirmerie may be treated, otherwise they will die.

To make this difficult, it may be worthwhile to increase the cost of justice when a visitor has been wounded or killed, because in well-developed parks visitors could be used as live bait on the same charges as goats

The DLC would therefore be based on a frame like this one :

The Security and Entertainment Division is seeking to increase visitor numbers by introducing new carnivorous dinosaurs: Concavenator, Cryolophosurus, Guanlong, Megalosaurus, Gorgosaurus, Monolophosaurus, Eotyrannus .... and a new building devoted to entertainment : Cinema (offers food and beverages (rank 1 out of 4 stars) and entertainment (rank 4 out of 4 stars))

The security division asks to build an infirmary and an evacuation center and explains the principle before a hurricane is declared

The player must take the guard team to restore the park being careful not to be injured, at the risk of being blocked for a fixed period. The goal is not to put the park into failure if too many visitors are injured or killed
In summary the idea is to propose:

- Three new carnivorous dinosaurs among those mentioned : Concavenator, Cryolophosurus, Guanlong, Megalosaurus, Gorgosaurus, Monolophosaurus, Eotyrannus

  • Three new buildings : Cinema, Evacuation Center and Infirmary
  • New gameplay settings:
Possibility for a guard team to use a hypodermic rifle
Possibility for a guard team to be unavailable because injured or killed
Possibility for visitors to be injured or killed in a jurrasic tower located in carnivore enclosure
Possibility that emergency shelters are defective in case of tornadoes or hurricane
Increase of court costs
Efficiency zoning of infirmary and evacuation center buildings
I think that this type of gameplay could give a hard time to the most hardened managers and improve the dynamics of the game itself by proposing new mechanics

Otherwise, thank you Frontier, I would spend without counting and in attached files, some photos of my album entitled : Theory of Chaos (just to support this need for security)

A french player 🇫🇷


Definitely an interesting idea, I like it. I'm not a real fan of DLCs as I think the base game was already expensive enough, but your ideas could really fit for a DLC. I like the idea.

And by the way, those screenshots are absolutely amazing, man.
Personally for Claire's Sanctuary DLC, a price of 15 euros remains reasonable considering the introduction of the new Paleobotany system, three new dinosaurs, two new maps, and 8 missions besides Frontier also released two MaJ in two months that offer additional content

I remain satisfied with the DLCs as a whole, although Dr. Wu's DLC didn't contain a lot of missions and was struggling to develop a scenario while the concept itself was really interesting, to see if a complementary DLC on the Dr. Wu will see the day after the release of Jurassic World 3 because I have remained on my hunger ^^

But I remain ready to put the price for DLC as complete as that of June, to see also if the developers have the technical means to realize the kind of idea that I proposed, otherwise, I would like to see it in a possible "Jurassic World Evolution 2"
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