General Gameplay Idea for far future possible Pterosaur Aviary Plans

Currently, the team at Frontier Developments have no plans for anything pterosaur related for Jurassic World Evolution, as they even stated this months before the game launched.
But if (and only if) this were to change, as things can change over time, for this particular game, I would still like to use this opportunity to give out a basic base idea for anything that’s pterosaur related, since I know this may mean a lot more extra hard work for like almost a year or so, more than what they might currently have their hands on after the release of Update 1.8 and Claire’s Sanctuary.

A pterosaur related update would be in a major DLC expansion pack, where you manage inside giant aviaries (not buildings, because they would be too small for them and/or too large for any existing in-game map) as separate maps, one of which being a new sandbox map for the new features.
New features would be new ways to manage your pterosaurs (ex: how to contain them when they escape your aviary, via storms), various species of pterosaurs lsuch as Pterandon and Dimorphodon (as in the films), how to construct your aviaries’ insides with landscaping tools and building mechanics, and how to manage your ratings such as guest needs and profits.

I could go further, but I’m deciding to leave it bare and simple for other ideas to add to it.
What do you think how this could work out if (and, reminder, only if) plans for pterosaur management related stuff like new aviary maps would work out better?
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