Ideas I would like to see happen

I got the game through the Early Bird purchase, and it's fantastic! I was overjoyed to see every little detail and discovery. That being said, the build released to the public is far from complete and that means there is room for improvement. There are a couple of things from off the top of my head that I feel the game requires to be as great as can be.

Firstly, the path system can be tricky at times, and there needs to be some sort of bigger path option. I was thinking a plaza or room for a building would work. There needs to be a way to fill in a building with paths, and possibly a square plaza would do the trick. The paths are nice enough, but we could use some path additions such as trash bins, benches and street lamps. After all, I don't see where the guests discard their food and drink and they appear to never grow tired.

Next, trying to build a facility with a roof can be difficult when the facilities are on the edges of the building. The walls jut out a little bit, and the roof doesn't cover the edges of those walls. Flat roofs are also a little too thick to be used as decorative floors. If you wanted to make a balcony where the guests couldn't walk, a floor would be a better option.

Another aspect that would make the game more interesting is different types of ticket booths. Ones that are mini buildings and ones that go by a certain theme. Other building options could be ATMs, if and when guests have cash. Whether they're a path addition, facility or shop is up to the developers.

The last thing I would like to see is more animatronics. Whether it's mythological creatures, a witch with a cauldron, or an alien monster, I would be happy with any addition to give us more variety. That's all I can think of right now, and this is my current wishlist for Planet Coaster.
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