Ideas (Suggestions) For Planet Coaster

• Add arcade games in a building.
• Add babies, toddlers and elders to the age group. (Strollers, baby changing rooms, canes for elders)
• Have seasons and weather, and have events for each season.
• Create longer hair for men and woman guests and employees. (Different hair colors as well, including non-normal hair)
• Add wild animals and water stuff (Expansion packs like RTC3 did)
• Add disabled guests and rides.
• Add hotels, restaurants, and concerts. (Outside and inside)
• Add female and male mascots, like we have the Pirate King, add Pirate Queen and we will be able to choose the show relationship: in love, enemies, best friends.
• Add first person view rides, and guests.
• When guests are in queue or waiting for group to come offthe ride, they should take a selfie, play a game, or something.
• Back in RTC3, when we would add a light lamp or bench (etc) it would have to be on the side of the pathway, they should add the bench to be in the middle of the pathway since the pathways seems to be bigger now.
• Bring back the created to make a group to walk into theyour park.
• Water Fountains.
• A cart that a employee goes around and sells food.
What do you guys think?
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Probably best to use the default text colour that is white. This site background is a dark grey and black is pretty hard to see in a dark grey template ^^

good suggestions o believe some have been suggested already.
You should probably create separate topics for each individual idea, having a wishlist makes it hard to have a focused discussion on your topic.
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