Ideas to bolster Comunity Goals

So I have several ideas to add some flavor into the current Community Goal events (or CG events) using some in game features already in the game but with a slightly different organization of layout

first let me layout the overview of stuff we got and stuff I would love to see.

1. Hauling/Trading CG event
2. Bounty Hunting CG event
these we already have and I am NOT proposing that these be removed or changed in any way but rather I am proposing adding in new CG events on top of what we already have.

here is my list of ideas with a breakdown of each following the list ( some these ideas sholud run alongside the current CG events during the same cycle and some should probably run for 2 week cycles or 1 month cycles depending on level of severity or intensity of the event)

1. Exploring
2. Reconnaissance
3. Political/War

Each of these CG events could result in rising conflict between political factions or aliens such as the Thargoigs but the likeliehood of conflict would be relative to the danger of the typ of CG event with exploring having the least danger and political/war having highest and with greater risk comes much greater reward.

Lets start the breakdown of each and how they could involve the player

1. Exploring CG's would start off with proposing that the community searches a region of space marked with a CG Bubble (much like the habbitable bubble we live in now) instead of a CG marker on just one system, obviously on top of recieving scan data income they would recieve a bonus on scanned things relative to the goal and any stellar bodies within its bubble, additional bonus points for resources gatherd from planets, rings or asteroid belts. The reasons for having such a Goal could be focused around prospecting areas for new development of stations or facillities or even expanding the habbitable bubble or even probing for alien life in sectors where anomalous signal sources were detected or Thargoids were sighted there or something of the sort.

2. Reconnaissance based CG's would have the players do very specific scans on instalations that have unsavory goals (human or alien) or political facilities and when the goal focuses on politicat facilities it should be noted that who you are alligned with will depict what responsibilities are given to you in this CG event meaning that if you are aligned with Zemina Torval and your buddy is aligned with Li Yong-Rui you will both have very different objectives in this CG event. Objectives such as scan bases of your enemies steal stuff from the bases and report on enemy movements and gatherings as well as sabotage enemy actions. Based on how things progress in this type of event it could lead to a full on war but not always, in some cases it would result in a sort of cold war or nothing at all if no actions were identified as aggressive by authorities in the sector (in other words nobody got caught).

3. Political/War based CG events would be heavily focused aroung conflict engagement between factions whether the engagement is direct open and large scale ship battles or more descrete and quiet such as crippling economies through sabotaging trade lines in one way or another by taking command capital from your aligned power and using it to buy up resources that another power needs creating a high demand and therefore inflating cost at the moment they need it most. Also this type of event can be focused on xenological attacks too and many of these events would have high focus on combat
in, on and around planets or stations or instalations where resources that have been accrued or stolen and have been stored at the sites in question. These battles would have active conflict zones all around the sites resulting in fighting even at ground level making use of SRV's very dangerous if you dont have sufficient air supremecy and cover while grabbing these resources to deliver to your factions or an independant faction.

Any specialty resources gathered in any events in only these three new types of CG events that require PVP as a primary directive the cargo will only stick with your ship if you remain connected to the game long enough to deliver the cargo, if you log off before delivery or combat log the cargo will be deleted from your cargo hold and the cargo to be collected will only appear in open play because these directives require PVP. The already existing CG events should not be affected by these rules listed above so as to allow people who do not wish to engage in PVP do not have to.

Thanks Dev team for all you do I know it aint easy but I sincerely hope these ideas get a fair shot, and to the other CMDR's that see this if you like it please leave a message saying you liked it and whatever else you think could be used to shape these thoughts into something greater. o7 CMDR's
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