Ideas to help the parks stand out.

Hello everyone,
Let me first start off saying that Frontier should be very proud of what they have done here, and everyone here thanks you for this amazing game.

So I did have a few suggestions to help the game truly be a legendary theme park simulator:

1. Coaster Queues: Practically every coaster has these gates that separate hordes of people into a small group of people and shows them which row they will be in while looking cool at the same time. This would help because it organizes the loading area and even shows a bit of personality towards the peeps. An example is if a peep were to ride a wooden roller coaster, but wanted a smoother ride, they would try and go to toward the front. On the other hand, if they wanted a rougher experience, the peep would move towards the back of the train.

2. Restaurants: Some people when at a theme park have a bit of cash to spend, want to relax, and are extremely hungry, so a restaurant would be awesome. You could even customize the interior and exterior so then the possibilities are limitless, whether you want an all you can eat pizza buffet inspired by FNAF or a pirate theme seafood restaurant right by a lagoon, the choice is yours.

3. Hotels: This is a stretch, but hear me out please. If you go to Disney World, you want to go to all the parks, but its very hard to do it all in one day, so if you have a hotel, you can have a place for peeps to stay and even give them offers like enter the park early.

4. Fast passes: Most parks have something like this, even though I feel Disneyland does it right (I didn't like the fast pass system in Disney World and you have to pay for the others). What would happen is that you could make a small path and have a circle of kiosks, that distribute passes and then they can enter when its the time matches the time posted on the pass.

5. Steam workshop: I'm not sure if you are using steam workshop or not, but it'd be cool to use buildings, animatronics, and rides, that others have made.

That is currently the top 5 things I'd like in the game. I do hope you enjoy and comment, because I want to hear what you guys want.
Thank you and have a fantastic day,
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