If Guardians were alive, would they be for or against humans?

Greetings Commanders! ;)

After going to one of the Guardian Structures for blueprints, a thought came into my mind: If Guardians were alive, would they be hostile towards us like Thargoids, or could we possibly become allies and fight the Thargoids together?

What do you think?
Well, what would you expect of foul xenos? They would have to be pretty benign to allow us to ransack their various places for technology without resistance.

half of them went to war with the other half precisely to destroy that technology. they were naive enough to believe that technology was the culprit of their problems, failed to educate themselves and eventually managed to eradicate themselves.

so the guardians being all in all a metaphor of humans, responding to op .... they would promptly enslave us as humans would do to any vulnerable species.
First of all. They are dead species. Completely. Have you seen Engineers from Alien franchise? That's pretty much your Guardians so to speak.. That is also an answer to your question.

The only thing that is alive - Constructs. This AI "form of live" is what we will eventually face in the future. They already know about our existence, since we activated Beacons. It's just matter of time before they answer your question instead of Guardians.
I think they may not be all nice and asking us in for a cup of tea.
I think they maybe ask us in for a cup of tea AND cake, then slaughter us while we are all thinking “they seem lovely to be honest these guardians”.

Interesting. Judging by their sentinels I don't think they would've posed a large threat to humans. I kind of imagine them as a "spongy" version of humans, but more stupid. Why stupid? Look at their structures.
Oh we'd be best buddies.

We'd simply tell them about an "Ultimate Riddle" called Raxxla
They'd head back home to eagerly solve it for us.

After exactly 7.5 Million years, they'd return and tell us "We found Raxxla - but you're not going to like it. The answer is : 42" :D
I'm guessing we'd have that discussion over a seafood platter, so as they left the ensuing feast they could say "goodbye and thanks for all the fish"?
Well they tried fairly hard to get on with the Thargoids right? I think they'd give it a shot with humans though given humans we'd probably end up with some more like an armed truce than an alliance. Post Thargoids I'd expect them to be a bit more wary.

Are they still about? I'd kind of expect their AIs to survive somewhere - or whatever they developed in to later on. They ought to have the capability to reproduce Guardian avatars to interact with humans if they thought that would help or reboot the species as a whole even. Anyway, all rather speculative that :)
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