If I wanted a 'radio-tuning' game I would have rather bought an old radio.

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That is a problem with a game that's in continuous development, sooner or later, they'll change something into a form you like less. For the record, I like the new system.
While I am not crazy about how this takes you out of your cockpit, it is a million times more interesting than pointing your ship at a celestial body and waiting for 1-20 minutes to scan it.
So you would rather want for the system to work differently each time, to avoid the repetition?
Now that's a fine idea! Apply the background RNG to the FSS spectrums - everytime you open the FSS, the wavelengths for different planetary bodies is completely randomised. But keep signal sources and scenarios the same - cause the FSS was specifically designed to punish explorers.
Oh look somebody else that doesnt like it. If we have had the thread 50 times so far its cause pretending there is nothing wrong seems to be the preferred method of dealing with this.
I personally love the tuning system, so much so that I would like to see it applied to mining as well. But hey, that's just me.
Why stop there ? Replace mining with a 2d mini-game. Replace docking with a 2D mini-game. Replace the glorious in-cockpit floating station menu with a separate screen.

It's almost as if people don't want to fly around the galaxy in a spaceship.
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