General / Off-Topic If someone offers you a job on the Starship Enterprise, consider before accepting.

I understand Star Treks fascination on people. I ve been a fan too in the past. But at some point I grew up and realized its just a fairy tale....wishful thinking at best. The presented society or hierachies simply wouldnt work with humans who appareantly have not evolved much apart from a few people, same as today.

Most movies or series present authorative figures or leaders that are loved or the best but again...thats just hollywood and doesnt reflect reality. Leaders are bred and have the required skillset to do so through upbringing and training. Not everybody can lead. This also means that you probably will end up with a leader you cannot stand or who doesnt deserve to lead in your eyes. Pretty much every work place in the world provides ample example for this. Only in the real world you are either forced or paid to follow these people. And you do it out of necessity.

Star Trek is a utopia specifically because there still is a difference in options and lifestyle so if its not money its another criteria thats not available to all. Assuming that people simply will do what is required of them for nothing in return just wouldnt work. And Star Trek usually only shows one side of the coin. Especially the new movies feature a gung-ho captain who has more luck then brains and even tho they usually survive there are fatalities or wounded among the crew. Cant picture any of them loving their captain thinking hes well suited for the job....

I m sorry. As I said I understand where Star Treks fascination comes from. I just recently had a friends son over who just started to get into all this and he was a bit.....stupid in regards to how viable such a scenario would be so I had to talk some sense into him. You simpl cannot afford to life in a fantasy world at 27 anymore :)
It is a fantasy, but it's distinct in that it's a rare projection of the human future that isn't Blade Runner, Max Max, Terminator, anything from Black Mirror. That's what makes it interesting. Bleak futures are a dime a dozen; nothing wrong with a bit of positivity.

To address the OP though, Star Fleet was always a ridiculous construct. From the Wesley episodes I'm given the impression that even to get in you have to be some kind of super-genius (and then they deny the other 3 super-geniuses entry, cos hey, I guess we got too many in the future) and yet we can waste these guys redshirting them. And that doesn't explain how there seems to be so many dumb people in Starfleet.
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