If/When You Add Legs: 'Onward Style' Motion for VR Plz...


If the 2020 DLC is Legs then I'd definitely love motion controllers for locomotion, the FPS aspect, and that general added sense of presence. I'm hoping that's technically achievable even with the likely '2D first' weighting to the dev.

If there is motion controller support, I'd love for 'Onward style' motion to be included in the locomotion options. (IE 'Controller relative' motion. Here's an example of the implementation in Fallout 4 for anyone unaware of this technique)

Given the success of multiplayer VR launches like Onward, co-op VR ports like Payday 2, and offline ports like Fallout 4 etc using that scheme it feels like there's a desirable industry norm developing there (for first person ports + new launches etc). Its use in newer indie ports & launches (The Spy Who Shrunk me was one I noticed today) doubles down on that impression.

Obviously the whole balancing issue for K/M vs controller vs VR schemes is untested water. As a VR user though I'll just note I'd happily take a potential FPS disadvantage against K/M players if it meant I had all of the above benefits of motion controller play ;)


There's then a sliding scale of VR stuff that I'd love to see, but which seem like a lot more dev, and so less likely. (Unless a domino rally of financial incentives occur, IE: the new consoles featuring VR variants, & you guys pitching to be a launch title ;))...

  • Virtual joysticks & panels as an alternative to HOTAS, allowing easier transition, & potentially a cool 'virtual cockpit' interface.
  • A degree of hand interaction with world items
  • Lone Echo style EVA locomotion via hand-holds & jets.
  • That full 'mersive, inverse kinematics arm recreation business.

It all slides off into dreamland no doubt. But for me, a Legs DLC which didn't let me blind-fire around corners, even with floaty hands, would be a disappointment for sure. (IE one that passed on the ultra-immersive + gamey aspects that motion controllers bring, opting for controller or K/M fumbling instead).

Getting half of the above would be rapture though ;)
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