Iguanodon it's massive

I havent seen it till today that i put an edmontosaurus whit the iguanodon, and this one it's clearly bigger than the edmont and that it's a little bit strange to see hope you can downsize the iguanodon or upsize the edomontosaurus. Thanks to you for the awesome job till today
Yeah Edmontosaurus is actually one of the biggest, possibly even the biggest hadrosaur ever found. Iguanodon is very big, but not that big.
Shantungosaurus is massive. Magnapaulia as well. But there have been some incomplete fossils that suggest Edmontosaurus might be even bigger, even though most of the fossils we know of Edmontosaurus are smaller. But the jury is still out on this.
Well hope frontier upsize the edmonton :( cause it's one of my favourites hadrosaurids
it's true, but from what I heard the European Iguanodon is massive compared to the other Iguanodon species outside of Europe? but I wouldn't mind if Frontier decided to downscale the size of Iguanodon a little bit to make it a little bit smaller than Edmontosaurus. Shuntungosaurus and Magnapaulia both hold the current title as biggest hadrosaurs both reach 54 feet in length on Earth, Edmontosaurus could be bigger than that of the average full-grown adult of 40 ft for all we know this dinosaur could be just as big as SHUNTUNGOSAURUS and MAGNAPAULIA we'll just see. However there are still members of the Iguanodon family that have yet to make an appearance in any Jurassic world game such as.......


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Edmontosaurus regalis is the species in the game, and its usual size was 30 feet in length, though some specimens could reach to 39-43 feet. Iguanadon reached up to 33 feet in length, with some specimens likely up to 43 feet. So they are the correct sizes in the game.
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