IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth and Fantasy in the Sky

Hey Everyone!

Just wanted to share a project i've worked on for a long time!
As some of you might know, IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth came to a conclusion in October of 2019. I've always been a fan of RCT3 and loved Planet Coaster from the second I heard about it. Having worked at EPCOT for two years in the Norway Pavilion and seen IllumiNations so many nights, I felt that I wanted to challenge myself to do the show I loved in Planet Coaster. I'm sure many of you who have tried know what pain it can be with the sequencer, especially for longer shows, and with the precision needed for a show like IllumiNations, it's been a year from the first scenery was placed until I declared the project for complete the other day.

I wanted to share it on here as I know you guys are more familiar with the game than the general public, so hope you guys enjoy the show:

I also did Disney World's Fantasy in the Sky New Year Fireworks in 2018, between my 1st and 2nd program at Walt Disney World, which came from me and a friend staying in the Magic Kingdom the whole day of the 30th of December in 2015. Check it out if you want:

For those interested, I also uploaded it to the Workshop:
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:D Such incredible work! :love: When the music started for "Reflections of Earth" I instantly got the chills.
Well done on the Magic Kingdom as well!!!
I'm glad you liked it Heather!
I know that the preshow music and "Promise" are big parts of the emotional part of the show, so wanted to keep both in there.
The part of the preshow-music I picked out was always my favorite part when I was closing or watching, so it was an easy choice :D
When the studio pack came out I had to change some parts of "Fantasy in the Sky" just no make sure the spotlights in the beginning was there, as that too was an essential part of my experience with the show.
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