PvP I'm new! Give Me The Scoop On Builds And Stuff Please :D

I don't want to have to go try to fight someone with jank weapons
Non-jank weapons: Plasma, Rails, Frags, Pacifiers, Missiles. Rarely — beams (high skill and demands at least some knowledge of reverski maneuver); Also, most other weapons can be used as supplementary for your build.

And no, you can’t stop faster ship from waking unless you kill it’s FSD module. It’s difficult to stop even a similar speed ship from running. But if you’re good, it’s possible. Sometimes
Boom'n'Zoom is all well and good but screw those who run for shields everytime they lose them. Thats just being a wimp.

Small ship + nasty weapon loadout = Cheap rebuy and MASSIVE satisfaction upon killing someone in a statistically superior vessel. Also, It's Gdarn hilarious to watch an FDL's shields collapse to a Viper or Eagle.
Instead of making a new thread I thought Id just ask here. Ive googled but the one thread Ive found is 404'ing.

Do thermal cascades stack? So If I had two rails both with cascade?
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