I'm Not Sure I Get Security : 3

Hello all,

I've been playing through the scenarios finally after needing a bit of a break from my sandbox park (which I haven't actually opened). So here I am experiencing the new update ages after you lot. I'm not quite sure what I'm doing with security. I turned on notifications so as to gauge how many security guards I need to hire and how many cameras to place but it's quite hard to get any feedback on whether what I'm doing is actually successful.

Can you tell me if placing more cameras/ hiring guards acts as a deterrent in any way?

Does anyone have an idea what the radius of a camera is and whether they have a limited view?

Does training guards just increase their running speed or does it make them more effective at identifying thieves?

When I leave the game unpaused and continue to build and work on my parks, I get inundated with security related notifications no matter how many cameras I place or guards I hire. I understand that thieves will continually spawn - I just want a greater understanding of how to effectively manage this.

In RCT you could just plonk down more guards and get on with your day - I appreciate the simulation is deeper here but I'm kinda blind without any feedback on what I'm doing.
I will see if I can answer your questions...

For the first one, more cameras/guards can act as a deterrent as there's usually less chance of a pickpocketing from what I've seen as well as it being more likely that they will be caught sooner.

For the second one, it's 15 metres(m) - not sure on the angle of view but if you want to have a look, click on one then use the camera icon then rotate the view.

For the third one, it's mainly to do with running although it does make them more effective in other ways from what I've seen.

Pickpockets will always come to an open park although they usually are more careful in the presence of a guard/camera.

Thank you, Shane.

That's very helpful. I wonder if changing the view of the camera is permanent and affects what it can detect.
Physically moving the camera may affect it's field of view although I haven't had chance to test that yet. As for the changing using camera mode, I don't think this will affect the camera's view as it seems to operate separately from what view you are looking at from memory.

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