I'm too negative

Agree with you OP, hence why I spend less time around here - I'm annoying myself with not being able to see too much positive. Elite is a great game, but it won't be what I wanted it to be, so I'll enjoy it for what it is, and hope that Frontier do take a hard look at buffing the core game post-2.4. :) (*Edit* I chose both 'big' space game Kickstarters - E: D is the one I actually play. :D )
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Are you daft? Do you own a business? Do you have customers? I'm not sure you understand how this works....
Don't know about Banana's, but yes, I own a business. I have many happy customers. And you are incorrect if you believe that buying a product gives you a stake in the direction FD goes. If you were a shareholder of FD, then you would have a stake. Buying a product just makes you a customer. And while FD will ask their customer base for feedback (they have and they do), they have absolutely no obligation to act on any of that feedback if they don't want to. The direction the game goes is entirely down to them.
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