Roller Coasters ImagineerTim's Dwemer Coaster [Multi Launch Coaster]


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It looks incredible!



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btw how to edit posts? I accidentally copied the german text version...
Post editing is available for users who have a bit more than 5 posts on this forum (which is an anti-spam feature). In the main-time you can report a post with the request what needs to be edited, so that a moderator can edit it for you. :)

some more construction site pictures:




for some reason I'm unable to upload any other images. Thats not good because the first post is empty. Someone knows whats up? Server problems?​
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Large parts of the layout will be surrounded by rockwork.

here another picture from the early layout construction.
a lot of coaster is visible here but changes in layout have been made time by time...

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I reached Schienenschluss!

The layout is complete and Operation is just being tested.
Now the decoration work will be finished...

"Dwemer Coaster is a high speed thrilling launch coaster which takes you into the world of Skyrim Elder Scrolls.
The Dwemer Dwarfs have developed a forceful machine that catapults guests through their temples and mines.
The ride features 4 launches and is family friendly..."
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