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Got this based on a few recommendations from round the bazaars and I'm glad I did. This is a great game. Perfect for those feeling a bit down about Cyberpunk.

You play as a mere mortal that has to restore the ancient greece gods back to power. An ancient evil has smited them and the rest of the mortal world, save all the things! You get powers along the way that help you to overcome the creatures and puzzles put in your path.

That's the gist.

It's a beautiful game, set in an open world environment. Lots of puzzles that are a joy to complete with much satisfaction from solving them.
What I like most here is that it's a upbeat game with really well acted well written likeable characters, theres a lot of humour here and its tone is presented in a family friendly sort of way, it's just a bit of a change from hacking and slashing gore everywhere, nasty language and heavy downbeat stories.

One thing that surprised me is that I was sort of expecting it to be very "ubisoft open world" but it's actually playing very different to that found in your typical Ubisoft games of recent times ala AssCreed etc. A joy to explore and play in that respect.

I'd say and I'm being totally honest here that after 10 hours of playing, its well worth your few scheckles especially from the Epic Store with the voucher they are offering. Basically got the thing for 20 quid.

I'm taking a break from CP2077 and was about to fall back into playing Escape from Tarkov. So glad I found this to play now to while away a few evenings during xmas while CDP sort out their game a bit more.
This to me so far is this years sleeper hit of the year, one that I wouldnt have ever thought I'd buy and seemed strangely quiet on the marketing front.
I have to keep plugging this one, it's such a great game. I don't think I've played a game quite like since when I first played Beyond Good and Evil.
Like all things give it a few hours to get past the usual bedding in period and get a few powers under the belt.

You'll start on a relatively small area for the tutorial sections but it opens up massively after that.

A feature I like in games personally, even the starting area has points of interest that you need to have levelled up or gain powers to crack open, dont bash your head on them like I was doing :)

If you are any sort of a fan of Greek myth you'll love this like I have, I'm only a passing fan but this has made me buy an audiobooks called "Mythos" read by Stephen Fry so I can catch up on the things in the game that I've heard.

So yes, lot of the humour is based around the myths and is very clever, so while there's a colourful family friendly palette going on, the interplay between Prometheus and Zeus is superb as the main narrators of your story.

I've played about 20 odd hours and only cracked about a quarter of it, if the map size is anything to go by. Sections remain under fog until you perform a certain action that advances the main storylines.

Anyway I hope you guys try it and love it too and it's not just me, I simply had to share the love and not be enjoying this on my lonesome haha :)
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