Ships Imp Hammers or Adv PAs for Cutter

I have a Cutter fitted with 1 H & 2 M beams, 2 PH racks and 2 Adv PAs (rapid fire).

I have 2 Imp Hammers (sturdy) on my Krait II and Python and find them quite good except Cutter is not as agile. Anyone tried putting Imp Hammers on their Cutter and/or Adv PAs and which do you prefer & why?
I have a couple of ships that use both, Chieftain and Python. I use neither on my Cutter. If I had to use one and pick just one, I'd probably use the APAs. Cutter is not so good at precision aiming and APA is a bit more "spray" type of weapon.
I don't like APAs for the cutter due to the high rate of fire. The cutter just isn't agile enough for that.
I use normal PAs in the nose c2s+c4, two imphammers in the c3 and two pack hounds or pulse turrets in the wing c2s.
I sacrifice two c3 slots for c2 weapons, but the convergence is nice.
It's not tested in PvP though, just normal trading in open.
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